Starbucks’ Winter

Who has heard of the Starbuck’s guy?  Aka the man who is trying to visit every Starbucks in the world.  Rafael Antonio Lozano Jr. has set a goal to buy a cup of coffee and take a picture at every Starbucks location in the world.  He calls himself “Winter” while he goes on these travels to achieve his goal.  However, with the recent economy, he has come across numerous problems as Starbucks stores are being closed left and right.  According to the Wall Street Journal (, he spent $1,400 to fly to British Columbia when he heard one of the stores located there was closing.  He constantly takes time off of work to go on excursions to ensure he reaches a store before it closes.  Starbucks usually awards with him free coffee when he tells them who he is.

Is this obsession crazy?  On my campus alone, there are five Starbucks stores.  Is it crazy for him to attempt to reach all of the Starbucks in the entire world?  Is it even possible?  How long would it take?  How much money is he willing to spend to achieve this goal?  Starbucks is one of the largest chains in the world.  It is extremely difficult for me to find a place where I do not see a Starbucks at the next corner.  Apparently, he spends 25% of his earnings traveling to the various Starbucks locations.  How long will it be (in this economy) until he cannot afford this traveling anymore?

The success of Starbucks has always amazed me.  Their organizational structure is successful and admirable.  By regarding every employee highly by calling them partners, Starbucks is able to encourage employee satisfaction to ensure customer satisfaction.  The standard Starbucks formulas across the world have garnered more success in the eyes of customers who can always depend on a standard drink.  Starbucks has gone through organizational structural changes to keep up to date with the changing market to continue its success.  What better coffee company can you think of than Starbucks?