What PR Is According To Me

Even though I have just begun my journey into the world of PR, it already fascinates me.  The purpose, the value, the thrill of overcoming a crisis – it is invigorating.  What happens when a company or individual says or does something wrong?  PR professional to the rescue!  What happens when a new product or cause must be publicized?  PR professional to the rescue!  What profession has become known to be helpers in times of catastrophe?  PR!  Though some people may not value the importance of PR, this profession is at the center of every business, corporation, and cause in the world.  The future of PR is greatly expanding to communication on the Internet to development of various initiatives around the world.  Entering the world of PR is endless.  Daniel Boorstin put it perfectly when he said, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations professionals.”