To Blog or Not to Blog

How did blogging become so popular?  Who created the first blog?  How did he/she get everyone else’s attention?  Did this person know how huge the creation would turn out to be?  Did he/she get all of his/her friends to start blogging to turn it into this gigantic empire?

Even though I am currently a sophomore in college, I was not exposed to blogs for many years of my life.  Even though I had heard of this mysterious thing called a “blog,” I did not really know how to use or even create one (until now, of course).  Every time I access my blog or other people’s blogs, it interests me.  How do people come up with all of the ideas for all the different types of blogs.  Yes, there are the standard entertainment, job-related, political, and news blogs, but there are also more creative ones like those about art or a hobby.  Blogs are more just pieces of journalism in my mind.  Journalism is censored and the true story cannot always be published.  But blogs are the complete truth.

Many journalists are now turning to blogs to get their messages out.  Instead of writing for their papers where they cannot fully express themselves, they write on their blogs.  Even if they choose to write anonymously so as to not get into trouble with their company, they are still able to speak their minds.

On the other hand, some blogs are not exactly ethical.  How do we know that the shopping blogs or the blogs that give information on different appliances and products are not staged PR campaigns by the companies themselves?  Is this new media innovation going to ruin our access to truth?  Will there ever be a way to censor on the Internet?  We’ll find out…