Catching Up On 2013

In the spirit of getting into more regular blogging on my blog, I did want to share what I have been working on during my hiatus! I am a regular blogger for the HubSpot Inbound Marketing blog and Social Media Examiner blog. Here are some of the posts I have been working on this year.

HubSpot Blog Posts

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Social Media Examiner Blog Posts

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New Role

I am also excited to share with everyone that I have a new role at HubSpot: Marketing Associate, Brand Experiences. I have been working for the past few months on our external events presence including strategizing ways to promote the HubSpot brand at events and managing logistics for HubSpot’s presence at nationwide events including the Executive Playbook to Marketing and Sales Roadshow. Though I am still involved in planning for our annual INBOUND conference, I am excited to work on a multitude of events as we spread the HubSpot brand.

What other interesting content have you seen lately? Has your role changed over the last year?