Super Bowl 2010 Advertisements

Besides the fact that the Saints were able to bring down Peyton Manning and the Colts last night, the other big topics are the Super Bowl advertisements.  Which ones did you like?  Which ones did you not like?  Which ones were the most creative?  Which ones embarrassed the brand?  Which ones were the funniest?  When I think back on the funniest commercials of all time, I think about the creativity behind theGeico commercials when I was younger.  CBS asked for a record of about $2.6 million for a 30-second advertisement during the Super Bowl.  So whose money was well spent?

I found a trend among many commercials this year-corporate social responsibility.  Even the beer commercials had text at the bottom that said “Please Drink Responsibly.”  However, the ad that showed their concern for the world the most was theAudi commercial.  Even though I did not know until the end what brand was being advertised, the importance of the issue was clearly demonstrated.  Throughout the entire commercial, I was thinking “go green,” “paper over plastic,” etc.  When the brand correlated with the commercial was finally revealed, it stuck in my head that this car and this brand supports environmentally friendly products.

Another winner in last night’s advertisements was Google’s commercial.  Leave it to Google to send out a powerful message so simple yet so powerful.  The commercial demonstrated the ease of Google, its features, and the wide range of topics that Google has information about.  I felt that that commercial appealed to me, as a college student, who has friends studying abroad and also to others who enjoy traveling.  One of my favorite parts was when Google corrected the person typing into the search box.  And of course, the “Search on” at the end of the commercial made for a perfect ending.

I don’t know if I am just a fan of commercials with animals, but I loved the commercial.  I may be wrong, but in my opinion has done a fabulous job with their commercials.  This commercial shows the features in a hilarious way.   I thought the advertisers were so creative in depicting the way can lead a person (or animal in this case) to success.

Another fantastic commercial was the Volkswagen commercial.  Everyone knows that when you see a Volkswagen bug, you need to punch another person.  I remember saying, “Punch buggy, no punch backs, LICENSE!”  When I participated in a Big Brother, Big Sisters program, I had to make sure that I was on my toes looking out for the bugs so I did not lose to my little sister.  This commercial definitely brought out the child in everyone and the fun in playing that game.  Kudos, Volkswagen!

Finally, the Snickers commercial definitely caught the eye.  Actors Betty White and Abe Vigoda were fantastic as they played football, and well, were hit to the ground.  And unlike many of the other commercials, the brand of Snickers stands out more than some of the other brands.  Even though I loved some of the other commercials, sometimes the brand isn’t as apparent until the end, which makes the commercial memorable, not the brand.  But Snickers definitely made up for their mistake 3 years ago with the anti-gay commercial.

Now I have to admit, even though I liked the five commercials described above, there were some I was disappointed in. Anheuser-Busch had seven commercials, but I didn’t think their seven commercials compared to some of the other brands who had 1 commercial.  Yes, they had the “Please Drink Responsibly” messages at the end, but the commercials tried too hard to be creative and funny, and in my opinion, flunked.  Another one is Doritos.  Yes, some of their commercials were funny, but I did not think all four commercials were necessary.  People are watching the Super Bowl.  I GUARANTEE there are Doritos at the majority of Super Bowl parties.  It is not necessary to have that many commercials, some that were even a little offensive.  The funeral one freaked me out a bit after being at a memorial on Saturday.

Some other surprises were Lance Armstrong being in a commercial advertising alcohol.  I was also surprised at the decision to use the Simpsons in a commercial instead of another cartoon that is more popular now, such as Family Guy.  Also, the NFL’s advertisement for the 75th NFL Draft showed Peyton Manning.  What about Drew Brees?  He won the Super Bowl, didn’t he?  And what is up with the trend with people in their underwear?  Two commercials in a row showed people in their underwear.  That wasn’t too funny to me either.  Also,’s commercials weren’t too entertaining either.  I expected more from a website that hosts so many other creative websites.

What were your opinions about the Super Bowl?


Verizon and AT&T…Winner: Verizon

So I think everyone knew this post was coming.  OBVIOUSLY I have to discuss the Verizon and AT&T ads that seem to be the only television commercials right now.  I wanted to provide any readers with examples of both Verizon and AT&T commercials, but (to my delight) every time I typed in “AT&T holiday commercial” or “AT&T map commercial,” etc. Verizon commercials came up.  So I’m going to share 2 of my favorite Verizon holiday commercials: and

Ironically, as I started typing this article, the AT&T commercial came on.  I typed in a quote from the commercial into YouTube and finally found a video (even though there was 1 AT&T commercial on a page of Verizon commercials – either Verizon knows how to pick better keywords, or AT&T is really nowhere to be found)

But anyway, back to the beginning.  How did this even start?  AT&T sued Verizon a couple months ago claiming that their ads were “misleading” and thus taking away a large part of their market share.  However, AT&T has inadvertently helped Verizon’s map campaign by drawing attention to it.  Granted, being a Verizon fan, I pay more attention to these ads, but I would have never been so excited over them as I was after I heard about this ridiculous lawsuit.

AT&T is not even denying the factuality behind Verizon’s claims.  Verizon says it has “5X more 3G Coverage.”  AT&T is not denying this but simply saying they have more coverage than Verizon’s ads show them to have.  However, a holiday promotion like the one Verizon uses would not have been focused on as much by potential consumers without the attention AT&T drew to it.  AT&T wanted Verizon to take down these commercials, but Verizon’s lawyers wrote a brilliant statement stating why the ads would stay up including one of my favorite lines, “AT&T sued because Verizon’s ads are true and the truth hurts.”  To further hurt AT&T’s cause, a federal judge denied AT&T’s request to force Verizon to take down these ads.

AT&T made a HUGE mistake by calling attention to these ads.  Even if they had won the lawsuit down the road, by the time Verizon’s ads are done playing (when the holidays end), the lawsuit would not be over.

Everyone makes mistakes.  I have many friends who use AT&T and constantly complain about it.  Many just put up with its service because they want an iPhone.  Soon enough Verizon will come out with something better than that, but for now I can settle for watching them win minor battles like this one.

And to close, one more Verizon holiday ad: