MegaTweetup 2

Last week I attended an incredible event hosted by Joselin Mane at the Microsoft New England Research and Development Center called MegaTweetup 2.  Normally the tweet-ups I have gone to have maybe 40-60 people, but this tweet-up had more than 400 people.  We took over 2 floors of the venue, had more than 50 (maybe even closer to 100) sponsors, what seemed like unlimited food and drinks and raffle items galore.

I have to mention the venue and how perfect it was.  We were on the 10th and 11th floors and overlooked the entire city of Boston.  It was also the 500th event the center has hosted, and they gave us 500 cupcakes to celebrate.

I also had the amazing opportunity to be a part of the social media control center led by Zach Cole, a senior at Emerson College.

Along with Mike DeFilippis, Valentina Monte, Mara Martin, Abbey Niezgoda, DJ Switz and Lane Sutton, we were trained by Radian6 before the event to track specific analytics throughout the night.  During the event, we used Radian6, TweetReach, and other tools to track how many people were using the hashtag “#MegaTweetup,” how many people tweeted, how many people checked-in using Foursquare and SCVNGR, how many people posted pictures, popular keywords and RT, etc.  A summary of some of the data can be found on Zach’s blog, our presentation can be found on Lane’s slides, video of the event can be found on Bruce Garber’s UStream and case studies will be coming by early 2011.

Check out some of these blog posts for other recaps of the event!

Zach Cole

Mike DeFilippis

Steve Garfield

Bruce Garber

Ben Spark


9 thoughts on “MegaTweetup 2

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  2. Rachel,

    Nice recap, Miss 2010 BostonTweetUp – Tweetup Newbie award winner!

    I am glad you had a great time and I really appreciate your efforts on the Social Media Control Center.

  3. Hey Rachel, thanks for the post, great to put some faces to the names! So great to hear about the success of this event, I hope to make to the next one. I plan to catch up with Joselin before the year ends, looking forward to seeing the case studies. Thanks again for the pix, the venue looks perfect! Have a great week and enjoy your holiday.
    Cory Hartlen, Community Manager, Radian6

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