Using Twitter for News

When I heard screams in my office from the World Cup, what did I do?  When Michael Jackson died, how did I find out?  When LeBron James was making his big announcement last week, where did I go to find out?  Did I turn on the television for all of these things?  Did I pick up a newspaper?  No and no.  I simply opened TweetDeck and waited for everyone to tell me in real-time.

Recently, TweetDeck surpassed 15 million downloads.  And that is not even the only platform to send tweets.

Everyone always discusses how social media has changed our lives, but a lot of the time I do not think about it too much.  Our generation was raised on social media, so it seems like a regular part of my life.  But when did I start turning to Twitter for breaking news?

When we did not have water for days in Boston because a pipe broke, I constantly watched Twitter for updates about when the water would be safe to drink again.  I keep track of the Trending topics to see what is going on in the world.  I would not have seen the Harry Potter trailer if it had not been a trending topic.  Twitter is the new way to get immediate news.

George Steinbrenner recently passed away.  I found out about the news on Twitter when NY Daily News broke the story.  At first, I did not believe it, and I waited to see the other news outlets break the story in real time before I would trust this source.  The same series of events happens every time one outlet breaks a story.  It is a constant race for news outlets to get the word out via Twitter like it has never been before.

So the big question is, how do YOU get your news?



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