General Update

I think this has been the longest that I haven’t updated my blog, so instead of writing about a specific topic, I decided I was going to just give a general update (thus the creative title) about what has been going on in my life.

So after spending a few weeks at home (for the first time since I went to college – maybe even before that), I started my internship at Burson-Marsteller.  I did not know what to expect walking into the internship.  Every student who has taken PR classes heard about some of the famous campaigns that this agency has led.  Even though it has only been a couple weeks, I have constantly been impressed by the time and attention the interns in this program receive.  Everyone has gone out of their way to make sure I understand assignments and clients.  They explain how my contributions are a piece of a puzzle that accomplishes a larger goal.  I have been quickly welcomed as part of a team by my supervisor and practice group.

In addition to learning from hands-on experience, I have gained a lot of knowledge and insight through the training sessions provided to the intern program.  Our session on media relations provided me with a greater understanding of the strategy behind reaching out to reports for placements.  The presentation showed me yet another piece to the puzzle that makes up Burson-Marsteller.  We have more presentations on the agenda for the summer, but we will also have the opportunity to learn from past interns and evenHarold Burson at luncheons throughout the summer.  The combination of learning from presentations and mentors is extremely beneficial as we become public relations professionals.

I also went to Scottsdale with the new PRSSA National Committee.  We had two days of meetings and discussed all of our plans for the upcoming year.  It was truly motivating to be in a room of such ambitious and intelligent people.  And I must say, this organization is going to see great things in the upcoming year starting immediately.  But I am honestly counting down the days already until the PRSSA 2010 National Conference in Washington D.C.

And even though this is completely off topic from my internship and retreat, I have to mention it.  I saw Toy Story 3 in 3D.  I laughed, and I cried (literally cried with tears streaming down my cheeks).  It was a great movie.  But it also made me realize that one day EVERYTHING is going to be in 3D.  I wonder what things my children will laugh at me for not having when I was younger (like I laugh at my mom for not having color TV or things like that), and I realized that this is going to be one of them.

So that is the gist of what has been going on in my life.  I’m exploring NYC, interning, PRSSAing (yes, that should be a verb) and seeing movies (Eclipse to come in 9 days!)  More posts to come (and not just “general updates”)!



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