Graduation Reflection

This past weekend, I attended Boston University’s Commencement Weekend.  It was basically my one last hurrah with many of my friends who are a year older than I am.  We spent some time in Cape Cod and then came back to Boston for graduation.  It was a great weekend, but it felt like any other weekend at college.  It did not really hit me until I was driving back home from Boston that my experience at Boston University would be very different in the future.  Many people who have been in my classes and who have been easy to get into contact with will not be there anymore.  One of my close friends is moving to Mississippi for Teach for America so I will not see her for at least two years.  Others will be going back home to California, Florida, New York, and even Scotland.  College as I know it will be different.

So all of this got me thinking: What do I want to remember from college?  What experiences, professionally and socially, are important to me?  What do I want to make of my senior year?  Do I have any regrets from the past three years?  Should I have done something different?  Is there something I need to experience in Boston before I graduate?  Will I live in New York City after I graduate as I have always planned?  Should I look into other cities to live in besides Boston and New York City?  What is keeping me on the East Coast?

I remember when my sister and brother-in-law graduated from college.  They had been in Philadelphia for the past four years but had not experienced everything Philly had to offer.  My brother-in-law went back after graduation to relive some of the historical sites that he had not visited during his time at the University of Pennsylvania.  This made me think too.

The past semester, I tried to go out of my way to do some things that I may not have done in the past.  If I was too tired to meet up with a friend who just graduated, I made myself do it anyway.  If I was too tired at night to go to a networking event, I made myself do it anyway.  I wanted to make sure I made the most of my time in Boston because I was realizing, slowly, that it was limited.

With only nine months left in Boston, I want to take this to the next level.  My goal for my senior year is to do one thing each week that I normally would not do.  That may be a tourist attraction or going to dinner at a restaurant besides Noodle Street (which is a feat for me).  But whatever it is for that particular week, I want to go the extra mile to take advantage of college and Boston.

People always say that your college years are the best years of your life.  That may be true for some but not all.  I am a positive person and hope that my future will be just as fulfilling if not more than college.  However, I want to make the most of the opportunities I am fortunate to have in the meantime.  Anyone have any suggestions about Week 1?  I have until September to decide!



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