Verizon & Z100 Partnership to Encourage People to Stop Texting & Driving

Today I was driving around town running errands and listening to Z100 (oh the beauty of being back in New Jersey).  A commercial came on about their newest partnership with none other than Verizon Wireless.  If you know me, this clearly earned my undivided attention.  They are starting an initiative called “Please Don’t Text and Drive.”

Basically, high school students have the chance to take a pledge that they will not text while driving.  The pledge says, “I pledge to not text while driving.  I also promise to avoid using my cell phone at all times while operating a vehicle, for both my safety and for everyone I share the road with.  I’ll also encourage my friends and family to do the same.”  The high school that has the highest percentage of participants will win a free concert with Jason Derulo.

Even though I have to admit I am guilty of texting while driving, I think this partnership is so smart.  Z100 is the perfect outlet to reach a lot of teenagers in the tri-state area.  Verizon Wireless is the carrier of the majority of cell phones in this area as well.  The right company (Verizon) is trying to get the attention of the drivers who are most guilty of texting and driving, and they are using the perfect outlet to do so.

Verizon’s first promise is to their customers.  In addition to providing them with quality service, they are not taking the extra step to protect them and work toward eliminating a problem.  When companies take this extra step to connect with their customers, they can be even more successful.

A few months ago I saw a billboard on the way to New York City from Verizon asking drivers to stop texting while they were operating a vehicle.  These subtle advertisements, especially while people are driving, can really make a difference and make people remember the dangers of texting and driver.  Like I said before, I do text and drive, but when I saw this billboard, I did not text and drive for the remainder of my car ride.

Z100 has the right idea to use their connections with artists to partner with Verizon for a good cause.  I do not know much about Jason Derulo, but he is doing a great thing by offering his time to make a difference in high school students’ lives.

Overall, great campaign, great ideas, and a great marketing strategy by all parties involved.



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