PRSSA National Assembly

This past weekend, I had the honor of being the delegate at the PRSSA National Assembly in Austin, Texas.  Not only did I have an incredible time and enjoy the city of Austin, but I met so many brilliant and outgoing people.  I feel so honored to know that the future of the Public Relations industry is in such great hands.

The weekend began by participating in the Day-of-Competition, which entailed working on a team to plan a campaign for theCW.  We had one hour to help the CW figure out how to target college students better, considering their busy schedules and inability to watch television when shows are viewed.  My team came up with a few ideas, but the winning idea was having students at schools such as FIT design clothing for a fashion show that would ultimately be used in the CW shows.  We won second place, which included a PRSA Associate Membership!

The next day we had workshops focusing on personality tests, problems with PRSSA chapters, and branding.  We brainstormed with each other and presented to the group on our finds.  For example, for the personality test, I found out that I am the color of blue.  According to, “Blue color is related to calmness. When your primary choice is blue, the color personality tests consider you creative, balanced and harmonious. You avoid too many conflicting opinions. You are peaceful and possess a developed aesthetic sense. You are considered suitable for careers in art, music and literature.”  We also discussed potential problems within our chapters in terms of transitioning and leadership.  Finally, we talking about how to maintain an appropriate online brand.

The next day we had elections for the 2010-2011 National Committee.  I am extremely honored to be the National Vice President of Regional Activities for 2010-2011 (starting on June 1).  So many talented people ran for elections, and I am looking forward to working with many of them on the National Committee and many of them on subcommittees!

So even though I am now stuck in the airport unable to get back to Boston, I am truly honored to have received such an opportunity to be surrounded by such admirable people.  I always respected and felt passionate about the Public Relations Student Society of America, but this weekend surely brought it to a new level.


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