Minier Coke Can

Going off of the last blog post on branding, Coca Cola Company has done it again.  This December, it is coming out with a 90-calorie mini can, similar to its 100-calorie mini can that they came out with a few years ago (  Instead of the normal 12 ounce can, it will be 7.5 ounces.  However, I question the marketing strategy behind this new product.

First of all, there are many health issues related to this new product.  Even though Coke has a new health initiative by partnering with the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation by encouraging a healthy balance between its products and others and exercising, this new product goes against this plan.  Even though it is less calories, what other artificial chemicals are put into this product to make it taste similar to the normal sized Coke products?  Additionally, it has been proven that when there are food products with fewer calories, people eat or drink more of them.  Whereas a person would have stopped at the 155 calorie cans, they will now drink two of the smaller cans, which add up to 190 calories.  So much for drinking/eating fewer calories with these smaller cans.

Also, many people grab Coke out of vending machines or at gas stations.  However, these unique cans will not be sold in these places, eliminating this large target segment.  Yes, they will be sold in grocery stores, but the availability of Coke at multiple places is part of its charm.

I’m sure the product will be successful.  After all, Coke has the most valuable brand out there.  However, there are clear complications against it from the availability to the health concerns.  Yes, there will be people who simply drink the one smaller can and do not drink more, proving the benefits of the product.  But there will also be the people who drink more cans because mentally they think they are drinking less (which is something I would do).  Despite these factors, it is a good strategy to launch the product in New York City and Washington, D.C. before introducing it to rest of the country in December.  They will be able to adjust their marketing strategies and hopefully put the product in place to be more successful.  However, there are definitely hardships to come, and it may turn out that it is worth only having the 100-calorie mini can.  We’ll see how it does next year!


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