Family Away from Home

So this week I have decided to write about something a little different.  Today was Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement for Jewish people, the day of fasting, the holiest day of the year, whatever it means to you.  It is holidays like this and Rosh Hashanah and Passover that have been my primary source of homesickness while at college.  These holidays are symbols of spending time with your family at home with annual traditions with the same corny family jokes and occurrences year after year.  It has always been heartbreaking to be at school in Boston and not home in New Jersey spending this time with my family.

But this year, I held “break the fast” at my apartment.  Eight of my friends came over and brought food from kugel and egg frittata to bagels with locks and carrot soufflé.  In addition, we had vegetables and apples and honey (to celebrate the sweet New Year, of course!) and soda and water (as we had not drank anything all day).  It was truly a gathering of close friends, who have become like my family at school.  (I spent Rosh Hashanah dinners with many of them as well.)

So on this solemn day of praying and fasting and repenting, it ended nicely with a celebration of my family away from home.  A great end to a long day…


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