Leave It To Ben & Jerry’s

I have officially seen marketing and advertising at its best.  Every day, I have to take the T to and from work in Boston.  And every day, while I am waiting in the station for the T to come, I notice the Ben & Jerry’s advertisements for its newest product: Flipped Out ice cream.  At first I didn’t pay much attention to it (I don’t really notice the ads – I usually just check my text messages and calls).  But this ad really got my attention.  It was upside-down (see above, I apologize for the quality).  How creative!  To make an ice cream that is upside-down and use an upside-down ad!  Basically, the ice cream has chocolate syrup on the bottom, regular ice cream in the middle, and brownies on top.  You are supposed to flip its container upside down, take out the ice cream, and watch as the chocolate syrup flows down its side, similar to a sundae (see the How To video for a better explanation).  Leave it to Ben & Jerry’s to think of such a great marketing campaign.

The advertisements that fill the T have slogans such as “We married fudge, ice cream, & brownies.  Don’t worry, it’s legal in Vermont.” and “Upside down never tasted so right-side up.” and “Every bite is un-flippin’-believable.”  All of the ads associated with it follow the “upside-down” theme.  From the actual visit ads to the trucks that carry the ice cream (there is another upside-down truck that lies on top of the regular truck that delivers these products – I’m still looking for this picture to share), everything is upside-down.  Now you may think this post is a promotion for their ice cream, which I have to admit I am a huge advocate of, but I am actually simply very impressed with their creative campaign.  It has gotten EVERYONE’S attention.  People want to see why a company would have so many upside-down ads covering the T station.  Whenever a visual differs from the norm, people flock to see why it is different.  The catchy slogans only decorate the ad that speaks for itself.  This different campaign attracts all its potential customers on its own, once again proving Ben & Jerry’s success.

Like I said, leave it to Ben & Jerry’s.

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