In a country of opportunity, the United States attracts people from all over the world.  Though many people may feel discouraged (especially with this economy) when they enter this country, it still brings the promise of hope and education to many people.  One such hard-working boy comes from Haiti.  He moved to the United States during 8th grade and completely committed himself to his education.  He is now not only graduating as the valedictorian of his class but has earned a full scholarship to MIT in the fall.  For more details on his story, see

When I was told to read this inspiration article, I figured it would be just another story of someone was given all of the opportunities in the world to succeed.  But that was not the case for this protagonist.  He truly had to prove himself in a new country and work hard to achieve his success.  He did not always have the work ethic to succeed, but he knew if he developed this dedication, it would prove beneficial to him later in life.  And what can be better than attending MIT, especially with a full scholarship?

Even with a terrible economy, difficulty finding jobs, and a more competitive environment, there are still truly inspiring success stories.  It is still possible to succeed and be given opportunities that you deserve.  Many of the people in the most recent graduating class feel hopeless because all of their hard work is not resulting in a job.  But there is still hope for dreams to come true, as Paul has shown.

With no special connections or privileges, he earned his way to the top in the most natural way.  Hard work.


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