Final Destination?

You are running to catch a flight.  You know you might be late, but you think that you will make it just in time.  You get to the gate, and the doors are closed – the plane is gone.  How could this have happened?  This is the worst possible thing!  Less than a day later you find out this was actually the greatest stroke of good luck that could have possibly happened to you.  You were supposed to get on Air France Flight 447, which mysteriously disappeared and landed at the bottom of the ocean.  You are Johanna Ganthaler and her husband, Kirk.

So you finally get back to Europe – Germany to be exact and decide to drive back to your home in Italy.  You get in your car with your husband, thankful to be alive.  All of a sudden, you see a truck in front of your car.

Johannah Ganthaler tragically died in a car crash (her husband is in critical condition) after narrowly escaping death’s grip just days earlier.

The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is Final Destination, the movie.  In this movie, its characters continued to cheat death but always ended up getting killed in different and unexpected ways.

But this isn’t a movie – this is someone’s life.  How does that happen?  How does someone have the luck to miss a flight that is going to crash but get killed in a car accident?  As a child, I was afraid of flying, and I was always told that it was safer than driving because there were more accidents per year than plane crashes.  But how do you justify this situation?

Obviously I don’t know these answers.  I have always believed in destiny and fate, but this is crazy!  Last December, I was deciding whether or not I was going to travel to Israel during the war with Gaza.  My mindset has always been if I was going to get hurt or killed in one place, it was meant to happen wherever I was (even though when I was actually in the position to make a decision, this way of thinking was not as clear).  But in her case, my theory happened.

Clearly, this is a tragedy.  But what does this make you think about fate and destiny?  Do they really exist?  Are you meant to take (or not take) certain courses in life?  If you veer from that path, will something bring you back to it?  These questions are personal to each individual person, but this story makes you think…



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