Transportation By Bus: From New York City to Boston and Back

So the first time I attempted to get to New York City from Boston, it took 12 hours.  Granted, it was during Thanksgiving, but I also waited in line for over an hour to get on the bus.  The second time I attempted to get to New York City from Boston, the same thing happened.  I understand that there is traffic during the holiday season, but the seats were uncomfortable, I was cramped next to the person beside me, the overhead light didn’t work so I could not even read because it was dark outside, and my phone died so I could not charge my phone.  Basically, the next time I took the trip between New York City and Boston, I took the train.

However, compared to a $15 bus ticket (or now $1 bus ticket in some cases), the train is a lot more expensive.  For a college student, this fee is not always feasible.  So I have tried to give the bus a chance (aka tried to make sure I could sleep the entire time).  During the summer, I traveled from New York City to Boston, and though the ride was long due to traffic, it was much more comfortable (surprisingly, these were the seats less than $15).  However, on the way back to New York City, the bus was not only late, but as it pulled out to leave South Station, it hit another bus, and we were stranded.  I was told, “Well, you are on your own.”  I quickly climbed onto the Chinatown bus and made myself sleep the entire time.

By now, you would think that I would stick with the train.  But I never learn.  I spent 7 hours on a bus from Boston to New York City, trying to surprise my family for the holidays.  The bus went from 7th Avenue and 59th Street to 11th Avenue and 59th Street, over to 11th Avenue 57th Street and back to 7th Avenue and 57th Street…in FORTY FIVE MINUTES.  Then the passengers on the bus started giving the bus driver directions.  Needless to say, I was not happy AGAIN.

But now, I took the Bolt Bus.  I had heard of its wireless internet godliness and its comfortable leather seats, so I figured that even though it was a bit more expensive than the $1 (being $15), it was worth a try.  Well, I was completely satisfied.  The trip was 3 1/2 hours (granted, I left New York City on a Tuesday afternoon at 1:00 pm), the wireless was as perfect as anything (I immediately connected to the Internet, responded to my e-mails, checked my Facebook, Twittered etc.), and I have never spelt so well on a bus before.  The bus driver was enthusiastic and energetic when he introduced himself before our departure.  It was a bus rider’s dream come true!  From now on, I know what company I will be using (Bolt Bus) and will recommend it to anyone traveling between these two cities by bus.



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