The Power of Apple

A world dominated by Apple products has come before us.  From Mac computers to iPhones to iPods, everywhere you turn someone is using an Apple product.  Whether in the classroom or on the streets, Apple products have become an integral part of every person’s life.  Every person will at some point be affected by the overwhelming influence of Apple on your everyday life.  Even Steve Jobs will find his way in your heart and your home (whether through media interest in him or his products).

AT&T’s move to sell iPhones may have been the smartest decision the company could possibly make.  Not only did revenues skyrocket, but the brand name of AT&T became more common.  Customers switched to their services just so they could have a part of this iPhone fetish.  Verizon may make this smart strategic move as well in the next year (  However, the potential of Apple is phenomenal.

Their techniques to promote the company are unlimited.  From the advertisement shown above in the New York Times showing the iPhone’s infinite tools to YouTube videos such as,, Apple takes every opportunity to demonstrate its capabilities.  Its partnerships with other phone companies are a very smart strategic move to ensure the success and increased publicity within the telecommunications industry.  Additionally, with new and improved iPhones coming out periodically, Apple secures the attention of all its major shareholders.

So what can we learn from Apple?  We cannot create its products.  We cannot compete with its popularity.  What we can benefit from is its impressive techniques to advertise and promote its products, despite its exceedingly high cost, across the country.


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