Boston University Hockey 2009

For anyone who did not see this past Saturday’s events, check out Not only did Boston University win the national championship in hockey, but they won in overtime after scoring two goals in 42 seconds at the end of the third period.  If Boston University did not seem a school with “spirit,” like Boston College or Notre Dame, it sure has spirit now.

To start off, Dean Elmore, the dean of students, knows how to create spirit in the hearts of people.  Just look at this video: A parade in honor of this special event!  Since when does Boston University do this for its students?  Then again, we have not won a championship like this since 1995.  Is it wrong that a school will mediocre spirit at best all of a sudden takes advantage of an event like this to gain attention from others?

NOT AT ALL!  Boston University has every right to gain attention from potential students and show the country what it is all about.  BU does in fact have spirit but is not given a lot of attention compared to some of the larger schools nearby.  So what we do not have a football team!  We can compete with BC’s football spirit with our spirit for hockey.  With a comeback like the terriers had this past Saturday, it is definitely deserved.

When potential students come to Boston University to look at the campus, they always ask about the spirit.  How does BU show spirit without a football team?  Do students go to games?  Are sports a big deal on campus?  In the past, the answer may have been that sports are not stressed as much here as other places, but this trend is changing.  People want to see this hockey team who has achieved so much this year.  With all these championships and future NHL players, who knows where it will take us next year…



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