Where Will It Go Next?

I have truly found it fascinating that Facebook brings me back to my roots.  Yes, there is the “Become a Fan of New Jersey.”  Yes, there is “I’m from 732…”  And so much more…BUT I have found it hilarious that old Nickelodeon cartoons that I used to watch religiously have not become options to become a fan of.  Rocko’s Modern Life…Doug…Ren & Stimpy…what will be next…Salute Your Shorts?  Even though I have never really appreciated the Become a Fan option, I have enjoyed watching the next categories that come up.  But what is the actual meaning of Becoming a Fan?  What does it prove?  Is it just another useless application that seems to clutter Facebook’s website?

Then I think about the status option.  Who cares if you just woke up or if you just had a hard test or if you think the weather outside is bad?  The same thing goes for Twitter.  Many people write useless statuses that do not amount to anything.  (I have to admit, I am one of those people at times even though I am trying to post more useful information as I explore social media.)  But what if you post your recent findings about an industry related item?  What if you post your thoughts on the headlines of the New York Times?  I have posted news articles I have found interesting, such as a 90 year old being bat mitzvahed or my thoughts on the Hudson River plane crash.  What does this do for networking purposes?  If someone else holds the same perspectives as me, they can comment on my status, whether on Facebook or Twitter.  If they have opinions about my ideas on my blog, they can comment on it.  By creating a connection with another person over similar interests, a great relationship can be formed.  And this my friends, is networking.

So back to Rocko’s Modern Life.  Let’s say you decide to become a fan of it.  What does this lead to?  If two people both have in interest, will they network and be connected if they make the effort?  Even though it is something as simple as a cartoon, it may bring people together.  After all, I am writing a blog post about it.  When I see groups that involve these old shows, it makes me think about the time when I used to watch these shows.  Even though at this point in my career I would probably not talk to a professional with that same interest in me, if I was contacted with someone younger who had the guts to discuss that interest with me, I would be interested.  It is crazy what may bring people together.  If “Watching Rocko’s Modern Life…” was posted on Twitter by a professional, I am SURE many people would comment, so why not network with someone about it?



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