Twitter, Tweet, TweetDeck

As part of our Public Relations Student Society of America meeting, we had a Twitter seminar.  Even though I feel that I have a good handle on Twitter, I learned so much today.  I learned Twitter vocabulary, such as RT (Retweet), which means to repeat a Tweet.  We also went through using a “#” sign.  For example, if I am talking about a particular topic, such as “Boston University,” I will type “#BostonUniversity,” and it will become a separate trail of comments with other people who use this same category.  Before the seminar, I knew people used this technique, but I did not fully understand it.

We also learned stories about Twitter leading to job opportunities.  People have shown their expertise in social media by utilizing Twitter and connecting with other people.  If an employee follows your tweets (tweets meaning posts), he or she may offer you a job.  One of our speakers spoke about a man in Malaysia following his Twitter account and offering him a high paying job.

Additionally, companies follow what others say about them.  Comcast and Jetblue both contact individuals who tweet about the company.  This seminar told the story about one man who earned a job with Cision but tweeted about the choice between accepting this job and being miserable and having a hefty paycheck.  Oh the possibilities…

We also discussed Twitter etiquette.  How do you state in 140 characters something that you want to share with professionals, professors, and friends?  Twitter is like speaking in public with everyone hearing what you are saying.

Many people thought Twitter would die out.  How could a website where you can only say 140 characters at a time really amount to anything?  Clearly they are wrong, and it is the way of the future.  Social networking is the way of the future with Twitter at its core.

Finally, for an entertaining video, check out: It shows Twitter at its best.



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