Advertising on YouTube

This week, I wanted to reply to one of the comments on the blog.  For anyone who has not seen, his question was “How should people utilize YouTube for advertising – the videos themselves, or just pre-roll and post-roll in-video ads?”  I did a bit of research into the topic on the Internet and came up with many interesting articles discussing the topic.  Some people say pre-roll ads are not going to be around much longer, similar to pop-ups on the Internet.  Personally, I know that when pre-roll ads are played for me on the Internet, I walk away until the ad is done and then play my clip from its starting point without the ad.  However, many people sit through the 30 second clip awaiting their video, and the advertising technique is successful.  Even though many people cannot stand this type of advertising, it is definitely effective when utilized.

As for post-roll advertising, I personally do not see the effectiveness of it.  If an advertisement is played at the end of the video, people are simply going to click out of the clip (unless the advertisement does something to REALLY get their attention, but this will only happen once in a blue moon).  If advertisers are going to spend money producing these ads, I would suggest they stick with pre-roll ads.  However, from a consumers’ point of view, I would like the post-roll ad more because it gives me the choice whether or not I want to watch it.  I will not feel pressured to like their product or service because it is my choice whether or not I watch it.  With pre-roll ads, I feel a form of pressure from the advertisements that they are FORCING me to watch this clip.

However, I feel that the most effective form of advertising on YouTube is the individual video clips.  Many companies, such as Microsoft, Apple,, Geico etc. are so creative in their advertisements.  I have looked up various advertisements on YouTube after they catch my attention on television (especially after the SuperBowl).  For example, one clip I recently looked up was Microsoft’s: Not only did it catch my attention and make me smile, but I thought it was a very effective form of advertising.  And no one can forget the Geico Gecko!  When the consumer makes the choice to watch an ad, it will have more of an effect because that consumer has an open mind and truly wants to listen.  When people are forced to watch advertisements and feel pressured, their mind is already closed off to the idea of listening to what the advertisement has to say.  Therefore, my suggestion for all of you advertisers out there: utilize the videos themselves as advertising, or if you HAVE TO, post-roll advertising.



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