So I have finally finished the Twilight series (I was putting it off because I had classes, and I knew that if I picked the books up, my work would be left unfinished until the books were finished).  These books were nothing but captivating and exhilarating.  But how does a book about vampires falling in love get anyone’s attention except for mine, someone who has always been fascinated by supernatural stories.  You may answer, “Well, the other people who are interested with supernatural stories.”  WRONG!  Many of my friends have absolutely loved these books but used to laugh at me when I would try to talk about the supernatural television shows or books I watched.  What makes these books different?

Yes, a love story always seems to help.  People are drawn to love stories, especially tragic ones (in this story, the main character is in love with a vampire, but in order to be with him forever, she must become a vampire herself).  Some may find that tragic.  Some may find that romantic.  I found it in between.  Maybe the family ties that bind the main character, Bella, to her family that seem to force her to choose between the love of her life, Edward Cullen, and her family.  Maybe it is the fact that she has to choose between her best friend, who is a werewolf, and her true love, who is a vampire.  Maybe the fact that she is 18 and in love and preparing to marry this vampire.  Maybe many teenage girls want to find their true love and that age, and this makes them attached to these stories.

The movie for the first book, entitled “Twilight,” just came out in the winter.  Even though many people liked the books better, this movie was an absolute hit.  Everyone wanted to see the magic develop between Bella and Edward Cullen.  Everyone fell in love with their story.  Seeing the developments on the screen was only encouragement to read the books (I know it was for me).

So rumor had it that the author began to write a fifth book of the series from Edward Cullen’s perspective instead of Bella’s perspective.  However, part of the book was leaked onto the Internet before it was realized, and she stopped writing it.  Is this a PR strategy to get everyone more excited before the time she actually wants to release it?  Doesn’t she realize that with her recent fame everyone will want to get their hands on her books first?  Only time will tell to see if she actually decides to release her book.  In the meantime, read these books!  They will certainly be in the new PR campaign somewhere.



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