The Dreaded Day…Valentine’s Day

It comes around each year.  Some people fear it, some people look forward to it.  Yes, it is February 14th, Valentine’s Day.  It forces people to deal with their feelings about a significant other or someone they hope to be with.  It forces some people to spend a great deal of time and effort (or money) to show another person they care.  And then it forces certain people to spend a day sulking because they do not have another person to share this special day with (those are the people who call it a “Hallmark” holiday.  Which brings me to my point…is it a Hallmark holiday?  When did it become generated by this company?  How is PR related to Valentine’s Day?

In many ways it is a Hallmark holiday.  Besides Christmas, Valentine’s Day is probably the day that the card industry makes the most amount of money.  People must buy multiple cards to send to friends and family or boyfriends or girlfriends to show they care.  And when Hallmark sells candy or teddy bears, their profit increases even more because these are the “necessary” essentials for a Valentine’s Day date.  Advertisements are prevalent leading up to this day too.  Every company is trying to convince people to buy from them – buy flowers, buy jewelry, buy a vacation package, buy SOMETHING for that special someone.  They convince every person that if they do not buy something that his or her significant other will feel unloved or unappreciated.  Even though the PR of Valentine’s Day is discussed in all different forms of media, the advertisements take this holiday to an extreme level.

So think about your own personal experiences.  Did your boyfriend or husband take you out to a night restaurant?  Did he buy you roses?  Did you go on a romantic date?  If he did not do this, would you have been displeased with him?  Would you have told him it was a problem that he did not do this?  If you do not have a boyfriend at the moment, did you spend the day hating the holiday and everything it stands for?  Did you hang out with your girlfriends and talk about how dumb this holiday is?

That’s public relations for you.  PR is what makes people dwell on this holiday.  It is what drives profits upward in preparation for the 14th.  Personally, I love the holiday, and I love PR, so it all works out for me.  But the magic of Valentine’s Day doesn’t lie with the love felt on Valentine’s Day, but it lies within the field of public relations.



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