True Life: Sorority Recruitment

Last weekend, my life was taken over by my sorority, Delta Gamma.  It was that time of year – recruitment for the new members.  It truly amazes me how many girls come out to take part in Greek Life.  After all, the hours are long and tiring and usually result in girls losing their voices.  For example, Friday after a long day of classes, we went from 6:15 pm until 12:30 in the morning.  On Saturday, we went from 12:15 pm until 8:15 pm.  On Sunday, we went from 12:15 pm until 7:15 pm.  Finally, on Monday after another long day of classes, we went from 9:15 pm until 11:30 pm.  It was definitely an exhausting weekend, but everyone gets SO excited for it!

Throughout last semester, there were many events promoting the upcoming recruitment periods.  First, there are Greek BBQs, information sessions, and chances to speak with the girls in each sorority.  Second, each sorority has a philanthropy event, and girls are given the opportunity and the chance to attend the event, meet potential new girls, and get an idea about what the sorority does to volunteer.  Between these events and the posters, Facebook groups, girls walking around wearing Greek letters of their sorority on campus, and other social media techniques, everyone knows when recruitment weekend is.  You would think that the times of recruitment would scare girls away, but it only excites them to meet each sorority.

Many of the girls in my sorority are in communications, and it really shows.  The event planning, the ability to interact with others, and the public relations are things we are able to use to our advantage to attract other girls to our sorority.  Even the songs we sing when the girls enter our rooms to meet us during recruitment are catchy enough to attract people.  We sing “Sweet Home Delta Gamma,” a play off of “Sweet Home Alabama,” and everyone remembers this song (mostly because it sticks in your head like no other).  The energy and excitement we display really gets others attention, and this energy and excitement is very familiar to me because I used it at my internship this past summer.   Between that and the positive attitude, public relations and sorority recruitment both succeed.



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