And He Said “Israel Has Terrible PR”

It has been awhile since I have written on this blog because I was actually in Israel for 10 days.  My time spent there was a life changing experience.  I could go on and on about all of the different places that I went to that I have heard about throughout my life, but I will stick with one piece of PR information that stood out in my mind.  On one of the first days we were there, one of the commanders of the army spoke to all of the people on my trip.  He was explaining the different conflicts from over the years that have occurred in Israel – from before 1948 to present times.  And he said “Israel has terrible PR.”

He continued to speak about the news that highlights Israel bombing places in the Gaza Strip, causing many casualties.  However, what is not highlighted is the fact that the terrorist groups that claim these regions purposely put weapons in homes or schools so that Israel looks bad to the public eye.  Additionally, he spoke about the fact that Israelis have to pay a lot more money to create weapons because they make their weapons and have practice ranges in secluded areas so that nobody will get hurt.  However, the terrorist groups make their weapons in homes – from kitchens of houses to basements of schools.  Casualties occur a lot more in these cases, but these groups look upon these people as martyrs and praise them.  Israel does not hold this same belief.

Even though many American papers show Israel in a positive light, there are always those publications that point out all of the negative things that happen due to Israel’s defense.  Today, the New York Times said, “Heavy Israeli bombardment continued throughout the day Saturday, and in an attack that brought scathing criticism from the United Nations, Israeli tank fire killed two young brothers taking shelter at a United Nations school in the northern Gaza town of Beit Lahiya.”  However, this article started with a discussion of Israel’s request for a cease-fire and Hamas’s denial to this request.  How did it quickly change to an attack on Israel’s defense?

Hopefully Israel, the emerging country that it is, will be able to be able to produce better PR for the country.  Even though heavy light shines on Israel’s attacks on other countries, more of the facts need to be pointed out.  Israel did not want to attack Gaza, but it had to do something to stop all of the attacks.  Israel does not want to kill innocent people, but these people are placed in buildings with weapons that are firing into Israel.  Israel does not want a war, but it also needs to defend itself.  Israel wants a cease-fire, but Hamas doesn’t.  THIS fact needs to be highlighted more than all of the casualties that are occurring.  Hopefully in its future…


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