The Lure of Florida

I just came back from a vacation to Delray Beach Florida, which is about an hour outside of Miami.  I have gone with my family every year since I was 5 months old to visit my grandparents with the rest of my family.  As soon as I tell anyone that I am going to florida, they are immediately jealous.  Warm weather, nice beaches, beautiful landscapes – what more could one want?

When did it become the ideal vacation to go to Florida?  Why not Texas or Alabama or even Central America?  All of these places have the same warm weather, beaches, and landscapes as Florida.  Why is FLORIDA the perfect place to go?

Yes, you may think Florida has Disney, and there is a lot of publicity connected to this part of Florida, but you never hear any other type of PR for the other parts of Florida.  There are never commercials saying, “Come to Florida!  Our beaches are beautiful and wonderous!”  People just KNOW.  It is UNDERSTOOD.  But why?  Why isn’t it understood for many other states or countries?

Does it have anything to do with Florida escaping the “southern” stereotype?  On our way back, we had a stop over in Charlotte, North Carolina.  In the airport, all of the workers had a southern accent, but why does this accent not reach Florida?  Yes, the majority of florida consists of older people who have not always lived in Florida, but there are still many people who have grown up in this southern state.  BUT, it does not have the “southern” characteristics.  WHY?

In my opinion, Florida has the “unspoken” publicity that many other places, companies, and products have.  Because it it such a popular destination, there are limits on how much its attractions have to be publicized.  The beaches are known by everyone to be magnificant, so why does it have to be promoted?  Disney only promotes new attractions.  They have enough families visiting, but they still have to inform others of new activities that can be visited.  Florida does not have the competition that many other places have – it just IS a place to visit.  Understood.



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