The World of Networking

I attended Boston PRSA’s annual holiday party tonight for the second year in a row.  When I went to this event last year, it made me fall more in love with the field of Public Relations.  This year, the event lived up to my expectations and was even better than last year.  One of the things I always love about PRSA is how friendly and welcoming all of the members are.  Everyone wants to talk to you and hear about your experiences, share useful information for your future, and tell stories about their time in Public Relations, which can greatly benefit your future.  It is amazing that in such a competitive world, people like this come together and are so willing to share their success.

As one of the only students at the event, it seems intimidating at once.  On one hand, I do not want to be the annoying younger person running around seeming like all I want is an internship or attendance/sponsorship for the annual conference that I am helping to plan at Boston University.  On the other hand, everyone is so willing to talk about their experiences, that even if I am not offered an internship or help for the conference, I still enjoy talking to everyone and feel accomplished at the end of the night.  I learned things about technology PR that I did not know that really opened my eyes to this subset of PR.  I also saw the implications of the economy as many people were at this event to find jobs as they had previously been laid off.  I also heard professionals’ opinions about what my next step should be to succeed in the world PR.  Surprisingly, many people just suggested that I should travel before working because I have the chance when I am younger.  As always, it was VERY inspirational to hear the PR professionals tell me that the dual degree I am pursuing in Public Relations and Business will be very beneficial to my future in PR.

I am not a shy person.  Not by any means.  This fact makes these events fun, and I truly look forward to them.  I love walking up to a person and just striking up a conversation.  At times, the conversation drifts from PR to music or hobbies.  I talked to some fellow people from New Jersey about various Bruce Springsteen concerts that they have attended.  The atmosphere of people in Public Relations is so comfortable and inviting, that it makes me look forward to the time when I will have a degree in Public Relations and get to spend every day working in something I love.



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