To LG or Not to LG

I have a confession to make.  I have an obsession (even though I prefer to call it a strong sense of comfort for) with Verizon Wireless.  From the phones to the service to everything that embodies this company, I respect and adore it.  However, how did this company get such a reputation?  How come all of the people in my area want to have service with this company?  How are the various phones, LG, Samsung, or Motorola distinguished for one another.  Though one day I hope to work at Verizon and promote these issues, I have some thoughts about it at the present time.

The PR on Verizon services are endless.  From the famous “Can you hear me now commercials” to the various promotions of its products, I have seen PR for Verizon quite frequently.  For example, at the Boston Marathon, Verizon had a booth with random promoting tools being given out to random people (myself being included).  Additionally, every time I see a high quality commercial for a cell phone, I know Verizon is going to be the carrier.  The new blackberry, Storm, commercial came on, and it was clear this advertising and promotion belonged to Verizon.

How do you decide on an LG or Motorola or Samsung?  In the past, I have been a big advocate of LG phones.  They have always proved to be reliable and reputable.  Even though I have not had the greatest luck with my chocolate, I still have faith in this brand, as well as Verizon, who have dealt with my issues with this phone with the greatest ease.  However, with the new phones coming out, I may consider purchasing a Motorola as my parents have had a lot of success with it.  Is it the word of mouth marketing or just experience that really helps a person make a decision on a phone?  Or is it the PR or advertising that convinces a person on what decision to make with phones?  I guess I will find out this December when I purchase my upgrade from Verizon.



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