The Importance of Technology

So during the past 2 weeks, I have truly come to appreciate the importance of technology.  The tragic struck when my beloved laptop broke, which led to my recent hardships.  First, the wrong part to fix my laptop was ordered, and then the part that I ACTUALLY needed was back ordered.  Talk about bad luck … Even though I knew that I needed to laptop to survive, I did not realize how hard it would be.

Every day in the world of PR, we talk about the rising trend of social media and the importance of technology in PR.  Between the use of blogs, podcasts, and other social networking sites like Twitter, we are increasingly becoming connected to one another.  Pitching to the media has become easier and more efficient, and research and sources of information have expanded.  However, what would happen if we took this all away and were left with nothing but the older tools?  How much progress would we actually make on a daily basis?

Though past generations may be intimidated by the new inventions and sophistication of technology, they acknowledge its importance in our world.  At my internship this past summer, I spent 95% of my time on the computer – making media lists, pitching to the media, researching ideas and angles, etc.  If I had not had this resource, I would have been looking through books and completing my tasks the old fashioned way.  I cannot even imagine how long my days would have been and the frustration I would have felt at the end of a day flipping through pages of books.

As I wait for my laptop to be fixed, I can only thank that my temporary disconnection from the world is just this —- temporary.



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