Is PR Everywhere?

I was sitting at services tonight for the holiday.  Halfway through the service, one of the student representatives stood up and started speaking about her experiences at Boston University.  She spoke of the time when she was a freshman and came to college not knowing a single person.  She had to adjust to the city, her classes, her schedule, her activities—her new life.  She spoke about how she found comfort and a home in Hillel.  There was a group of people she could turn to and form a bond with who shared the same religious and moral values as herself.  They quickly became friends and she finally felt comfortable being so far from home.  After telling her heartwarming story, she began to ask the audience to donate to Hillel to help its programs and build the Jewish community.  As I sat there, I wondered – is this the way many non-PR professionals feel when they hear a campaign or a pitch for a PR story?  Many people outside of the PR world feel that PR professionals twist stories to convince or influence others or put “spin” on a story.  As I sat in the service, I felt as if someone was trying to influence me even though they were simply doing a job that I am looking to pursue.  She was only trying to help benefit a program she feels so passionately about, and isn’t that exactly what I will be doing in the future?


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